Content Contemplation


Today I am having lunch in the Garden of Contentment.

Gorgeous day. Pretty surroundings. Yet, a nearby leaf-blower brings balance and the reality that all is not always well with the world. Or, might it be?

What role is mine in deciding my happiness? Is ignorance bliss? When it comes to politics and government shutdowns and the deluge of news, opinion and talk in your face … maybe so. To ignore the issues of the day seems to admit a single voice does not matter. The demise gained momentum with C-SPAN. Once politicians were seen, all bets were off. Add vanity to power. Yikes. Can we ever return to simpler times? Alas, Babylon.



Sure exercise helps.
Burning calories.
Every little bit helps.
I have a restroom 10
steps from my office.
I use the one
3 floors up.
It’s not huge,
but it is a mindset.
Stay active.
Park in the far lot.

I need to find out
how many steps one
has to walk to burn off
…say… a cupcake.


Cupcakes Image courtesy
of SweetPeaCupcake
Creative Commons.

Taste (Part 2)

Remember I said you can eat most anything?
I can put away a whole pizza,
but, by eating slower,
really tasting the cheese
and sausage and dough,
I can be satisfied with 2-3 slices.

I want half that pizza
but can be satisfied with less.
Make a fist.

(And eat really good pizza!)


Eat Slowly

Take your time. Enjoy your meal.

We scarf our food.
We rarely taste it.
Our brain needs 20 minutes to be satisfied.

I had to work hard to slow my meals.
Purposefully take smaller bites.
Put your fork down after each bite.
All your taste buds are in your mouth.
Be conscious about the taste.
Let your taste buds savor the full flavor.

Then, wait a moment. Eat slower.
Make the meal last at LEAST 20 minutes.
Take a 5 minute break after 8-10 minutes.

Yes, this is hard to do.
Especially at work meals or eating with others.
But it is crucial.
You will discover that FULL feeling
by eating your food slower, purposefully.
You will enjoy the food.
And, you will be satisfied with less.

Worth about 65 pounds for me, so far!


There are principles…

You can eat [almost] anything,
just eat smaller portions.
Make a fist. That’s your stomach size.
That’s your goal.

Sure, I can eat this.
(Small by most standards.)

But, make a fist.
This platter is what – 3 fists?
Your body can’t use this food.
It will store it as fat.
More on the science later, for now…

Make a fist.
You will be satisfied… if you can…

Face Facts

Two (primary) things impact your size.
How much you eat. How much you burn.

Next time you are around eaters, observe.
Watch thin people eat. Watch larger folks eat.
Look closely. I think you will see a difference.

Sure, some people never gain weight.
Some can eat anything & never gain a pound.
He has a higher metabolism. She is small boned.
Active lifestyle, less sedentary, naturally thin.

Pick your excuse. Then,
read sentence 2 again.

Keep it simple.

Take in fewer calories than you burn.


There are principles…

Losing Weight

I lost 60 pounds this past year.
From 275lbs to 215lbs on a 6′ 3″ frame.
I feel better. I look better. I get around better.
I am healthier.
My employer provided a wellness program.
It worked very well for several of us.
I bought into most, but not all of it.
I do not know why it worked so well for me.
But, it did.
I know what I did.

Thank you, Stephen.